Friday, December 11, 2009

Orrin Hatch and Grandma Have Something in Common...

...their idol.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Study/Work Break Laugh

In studying for my last exam this afternoon, a classmate of mine (Melanie, whom some of you know) sent me this:

Canceling a credit card

Today, I received one of those periodic emails from my credit card company advertising certain benefits for which you are eligible if you use the card. Today's promised "special access" to the following three auditory assaulters:

Nick Jonas
Rascal Flatts

I would be hard-pressed to come up with three musical acts I am less interested in seeing. Furthermore, how are they only allowing me to meet one of the Jonas Brothers...would I get in trouble if I attempted to say hello to the other two?

I am honestly considering canceling this credit card out of spite.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seriously, what the fuck

You all know how much I love Yale, but this is fucking absurd. Below is a press release from the Yale Police Department that was sent out this morning. It is not a joke.

A Message to the Yale Community:

I write to inform you that five rhesus monkeys escaped from the
neurochemical research laboratory of the Child Study Center (230 South
Frontage Road) at 5:07am on Thursday, December 3, 2009. All members of the
Yale community are urged to exercise caution in their movements about campus
until the animals are recaptured. If you or anyone you know comes into
contact with one of the monkeys, seek medical attention immediately. The
animals are infected with the Motaba virus, a hemorrhagic fever native to
central Africa; Yale-New Haven Hospital staff is ready to administer the
E-1101 serum, but it must be administered within several hours of infection.
Subjects escaped on S. Frontage towards Central Campus and were last seen
near George and Church. If you have any information regarding this case or
should witness suspicious activity, please report it immediately to the Yale
Police at 203-432-1374.

James A. Perrotti
Chief of Police

Maui wowwy.