Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey Mr. D.J.

I went to my roommates sister's wedding this weekend which was a lot of fun (although not as fun as this wedding I went to on August 1st...maybe some of you were there). Anyways, the wedding as very nice, but it had one major flaw: The DJ sucked!

I had made a list, to myself, with a list of songs I wanted to hear throughout the night. Some are wedding staples like "Shout", others were not like Hanson's "MmmBop" which was the song I really wanted to hear throughout the night. So early into the reception I walked over to the DJ and requested some "MmmBop". The DJ nicely wrote it down on his list (second in line on requests) and I went on my marry way. TWO hours later - NO "MmmBop". After the dull 4 Country songs IN A ROW (WTF?!?!), I sent a girl who I had befriended throughout the night (because she too was excited to hear that 1997 hit by Hanson) to also make the same request.

"Oh....ummm I guess I can play that song" said the lame DJ as he texted into his T-mobile Sidekick.

And after another Hour, still no "MmmBop" . So finally, with the wedding winding down, we sent Bryan's Aunt to make the request (hoping that the DJ might feel the urgency coming from the Aunt of the Bride).

"how do you spell that???" said the prick of a DJ
"You are asking me how to spell 'MmmBop'?" said Bryan's sweet Aunt. The DJ nods. "Mmm-Bop" Bryan's Aunt said.

Moral of the story is that DICK did not play "MmmBop". And my point is that, as all of us begin meeting that special someone and plan weddings of our own....THE DJ IS KEY! The "MmmBop" incident was not the only issue I had with the DJ either. The DJ had no intention of playing "Shout" until I told Bryan to request it, to which the DJ replied, "Oh....I didn't think about that one....I guess that can go on the list". "Shout" was played 30 minutes later (TOOL - sorry, I just really hated this DJ). The same thing happened with the "Cha-Cha Slide".

Other Songs the DJ missed the mark on:
No "Single Ladies" (unless you count the introduction of the song when the garter was thrown - but no dancing to it)
No Spice Girls
No Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight"
No Sting/The Police
No Usher's "Yeah"
No Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion
No "Love Shack"
No Barry White
No "White Wedding"

Anyways, I expect when I attend all of your weddings a stellar playlist and a fun DJ.


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