Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scaring Children is fun

I wanted to call you, Megan to tell you this last night, but my phone was dead. Now you all have the pleasure of this fun little story.

So Last night Tyler and I went out for sushi and dessert. While we are waiting in line at the gelato cafe (yes Brad and Erika- the one you guys went to with him) two little black girls come in and start trying to sell us candy for a new school uniform. We politely listen and say no thank you like the evil heartless people we are. Then the chubby one looks at Tyler and says "You look like someone famous." Now Tyler gets this a lot which is really funny (Brad back me up-weren't you there when a waiter came up to us at family breakfast after my dad's birthday and asked him if he was in a TV commercial) Anyways, the girls were probably 7 and 12 ish and so we just smiled and ordered our food.

 So we sit down and the girls are still standing there staring at him. Then as they are leaving the girl comes up to us again and says, "Oh I know who you sorta kinda look like. Do you know Robert Pattinson?" I almost lost it. Tyler says, um don't know if I do. She continues by saying "I think it is your sideburns and stuff. He is the main vampire for Twilight" Tyler then looks the girl dead in the eyes and says, "Well that is cool cause I'm half vampire." The girls looks stunned but sasses him back by saying "Yea well then let me see your fangs!" Still deadpan Tyler responds, "I left them at home" and points to his gap tooth. The girls freaked and ran out the door. I could not stop laughing. I was so proud that he was so easlily able to lie to children. I think that is why we work well together :-) Anyways, had to share...if for no other reason than Sophie and Megan enjoying the reference. 

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Anonymous said...

OH.MY.GOOD.LORD. Tyler is the MAN! I want to see a repeat of this at my Halloween dinner...Erika is gullible enough. Let's get her.