Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm petrified of nipple chafing...once it starts, it is a vicious circle...

Sup pimps and hos,

Not too much to share, but I figured I'd update the blog so that it doesn't die faster than personal privacy at a Hausman family Thanksgiving.

This morning, I went to get breakfast from my client's cafeteria and, as I was checking out, the cashier told me that I reminded her of her friend from home. I asked her where home was. Her reply: "Colombia." Looks like my summertime transformation into my alter-ego has begun:


Also, I ran my longest distance ever yesterday after work, a cool eight miles (not quite as much as Freaq Nast, but not half bad either). But when it was all over, although I didn't experience nipple chafing, they were kinda sore. I guess the combination of cold sweat, long distance, and the memories evoked by the "Prom '04" shirt I was wearing brought pain to my chest.

So Andy Bernard, Cornell grad, I feel your pain.

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