Thursday, July 23, 2009

On a Magic CTA Ride

So I wanted to tell a tale of my magical bus ride this morning.
After taking the blue line to Grand I got off and waited 5 min (according to CTA bus tracker) for my route 33 Magnificent Mile Express to pick me up. As I entered, I saw the usual crowd- An overweight blonde in her late 30s who insists on wearing a scrunch and jean shorts on a consistent basis talking across the isle to her friend,  a female replica of Ozzy Osbourne decked in all black, tons of silver rings, and oh yes... those round sunglasses (  Not to mention the woman who looks like a pelican with a beak for a nose and her outfits that are way too young for her age complimented by her hot pink bra strap that is always peaking out the top- not that I pay attention to anyone on the bus. So The bus was a normal ride, until the woman bus driver, who I was convinced for half of the ride that she was a he, yelled to the guy in the back when he pulled the cord "you sure you want to get off here?" to which he responded, "yes, that is why I pulled the cord." I found that to be a bit odd, but disregarded it until.....
We were sitting at the red light on Ohio and Michigan, in complete silence when 
was shouted as the bus shook a little. 
Apparently our bus driver saw someone in a car that she was not to pleased about she started to shift around in her seat, forgetting her place, and then snapped back into reality. I thought she was going to bust through the small window next to her, but instead apologized and continued on her route. It was both terrifying and hilarious at the same time....
wish you guys were there to witness. 

Also, I will leave you with this if you (Dylan, the only person who goes on this but me). I was watching So You Think You Can Dance last night with the girls and saw the 2 best performances I have ever seen. The first one is a KICK ASS dance choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson the chick from P-Diddy's Making the Band and the second is about a woman who has breast cancer. It is absolutely beautiful and made everyone in the audience and the judges (including Ellen tear up) 

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