Friday, August 21, 2009

Foreigners or 2 Shady Hotel Guests... you decide.

Good morning and happy Friday,
As many of you know, I have very vivid dreams and 99.9% of the time, I wake up remembering every single detail. Last night's dream, though was quite humorous. So we all arrived at the Fountaineblue Miami resort (the one that Ty Ty baby and I stayed at). Anyways, we are walking through the crowded lobby when Dylan announces to us all to "go wait over there. I got this" in a cocky tone. So I follow him over to the front desk. He begins talking to the woman in a Swedish accent insisting that since "there is a time difference between Miami and Sweden", all he wants to do is sleep and therefore must have the ocean front room. The only way to have blinds was to have an ocean front room apparently. So the woman went on explaining that those rooms are not open to the public and that we won't be able to use them. Dylan told the woman that since Sweden is to the East, there is a 6 hr. time difference. The woman corrected him in a saucy tone saying it was actually to the West and "No you cannot have a room." I remember thinking to myself, Lauren you just thought Sweden is to the East, when you wake up if Sweden is actually to the East ... you are one smart girl and that woman is a DUMB ASS! Not to mention, I was only off by an hr. in terms of time difference.... not bad girlfriend! I decided to join in on the fun and began talking in a Swedish accent to the older woman behind the desk telling her "I had ze ocean font 'oom before, vhy not now?" In my mind I couldn't believe I fooling this woman by talking with another accent besides Russian (the only one I can actually do). In actuality, I bet it was good old Russian. So besides the fact that that  
the dream ended with me shaving my arm pits in the hotel bathroom b/c they were incredibly hairy .... I think it was an entertaining dream :-)

As a side note, tonight is Grandma's surprise 70th Birthday party. I am expecting tears of joy from Grandma, judgmental eyes from Barb, and excitement vomit from little Tyler.

Where my hoes at,

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Anonymous said...

Lowren - your posts never fail to amuse me. I am having a good ole chuckle about "excitement vomit" from little Tyler - nothing screams "surprise" like a little phlegm on the floor. Happy b-day Gma!