Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walt Disney loves Grandmas

So Today one of the guys at work claimed to be an "internet sensation" to which I vomed in my mouth and said you ain't no "M'N F-in SNYYYPERS",
So I issued a challenge- nay a dance-off to see who was a bigger "internet sensation". Apparently for the past month, this guy at work, Jeff (some of you met him at Tyler's birthday. He was the awkward tall blonde guy lurking in the corner- no Sophie not Frank) has been coloring some of his Grandpa's old film. While sifting through the goods, and with fity-G's on the line, he found some footage of His Grandparents at Disney Land in 1956 (second year it was open) and on a "trip to the burger king". The interesting part is there is footage of his Grandma and Walt Disney-  I know what you are thinking..."We ain't no hoes why is she"... but when you see her spiffy outfit you will know why Disney was drawn to her.  
He posted his video on some website (vimeo) and had a few hits. Then he got a message saying "Jeff, the reference is on the front page at the moment, getting lots of attention." ...  He now has 2,000 views. For those of you who have actually continued to read this silly blog post, The picture is above and the link to the video is below:

Either way, we still have 130,265 so in the words of the old country: "Bring it on punk asses you gunna get served"

Dylan: These are better
These two come with his and hers: 


I'm gunna cut you,

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