Friday, August 21, 2009

Hoodlums on the Loose!

Hello all,

Lauren and Dylan's recent posts urged me to attempt this blogging thing yet again...but also, this story is just too damn good. Apparently, thieves have pulled off a big heist, a great success, snatching up a cool million from...J.C. Penney. That's right, folks, go ahead and reread it. The same group of thugs is thought to have completed this feat five times: twice in Louisiana, twice in Texas, and once in Indiana. I say "feat" because it truly is an accomplishment to steal one million dollars' worth of crap from J.C. Penney. Who knew their inventory was even worth that much? A sheriff in Louisiana had the following to say about this incident: "From my viewpoint, it was incredibly sophisticated....Detectives have a surveillance tape of the two men inside, but their faces are covered. They've done an incredible job of concealment." Also important to note: these hoodlums dropped through the roof by a string of rope and spent an hour in the store. Despite this little tidbit, the words "sophisticated" and "incredible" don't exactly come to mind when thinking J.C. Penney. Now, Sears...well, that's a different story.

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Lauren said...

Hahahhahhaha! Amazing Meegs!