Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're Pretty Much a Big Deal

Marissa: It's clear you've crossed to the dark side... a.k.a. a world filled with cat-loving maniacs. I never thought you'd be a cat lady, but I can see it now. While you may find your kittens cute now, wait until they get bored and start scheming behind your back, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on your face and claw your eyes out, most likely while you're sleeping. Kitty Bitchtitz Stankbreath Scheuer is definitely not above this. No one else has that particular recurring nightmare about felines? Oh, okay, never mind.
In other, equally important, news, I found this awesome clip on youtube - This kid is going to be on Bonnie Hunt tomorrow! And, yes, I happen to love Bonnie Hunt, thank you very much. I know, I can hear Dylan's demoralizing taunts across the country. Sticks and stones - NBD. Anyways, after watching this, I obviously checked our vid stats on youtube. Not only do we have over 130,000 views (which pretty much makes us rock stars), we also have some pretty jazzy comments. I will copy two for your viewing pleasure:

you shouldnt make a dance vid..
you look much better on a sex

What da fuck, I can't curse on this lame ass video.. When did this shit happened.. God-damn fucking mother-fuckers!! Jesus loves you

So, to recap, here are the important takeaways:
1) We should've made a sex tape instead. It's never too late for Boiler Love Makin: Purduin' It All Night Long.
2) We should fuck the haters. Jesus loves us anyway.

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