Friday, September 18, 2009

Why I'm Not Allowed to Interview: Part Deux

So, I'm in this gorgeous office this morning. Interviewing with a partner. At a firm where I would really want to work.

And the view from this office is stunning, and it's this incredibly sunny day. Maybe a little...too...sunny. Because I'm blinking. Like, a lot. An uncomfortable amount..when all of a sudden I feel my contact....sliding down my face as I'm talking about my job at the DOJ...

No big deal, right? Very minor. I'm thinking to myself, KEEP IT TOGETHER MARISSA....

...and the interviewer, this lovely partner, interrupts me to ask me IF I'M CRYING DURING THE INTERVIEW. She thought the contact was a tear. So then I had to admit that no, that's just my contact, and then she made me go to the bathroom, and wash out my eye, and then the interview was over.

In sum: Fmyunemployedlife.

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